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Two fires from 1971
Updated On: Nov 10, 2007

 These audio files are from tapes that were used in a voice activated recorder. Prior to Somerville Fire going to a UHF frequency, they operated without a repeater. Therefore some of the radio traffic was not picked by the voice activated recorder. These and future files have also been edited to remove some of the dead air that would take up alot of time. These files reflect the busiest time on the Somerville Fire Department for fires.

Note: You will need to have Quick Time Player installed on your computer to listed to the Audio Files.  If you do not have Quick Time Player and would like to download it for free CLICK HERE


Because of the size of these files, it may take a minute or so before the audio starts playing.

For reference, "301" was the Chief of the Department.  "302" and "303" were Chief Officers - referred to as "C-2" and "C-3" present day.


The following two audio files are from two fires which took place in the month of December in 1971.  The first fire was at the Union Square Hotel and the second fire occurred on Richdale Ave.


The fire at the Union Sq. Hotel actually involved a first floor beauty parlor which was heavily involved.  It did not extend into the hotel itself which was on the upper floors. The date was December 23, 1971.  It had an address of 45 Union Sq. and was a four story brick.  It would be the site of several more jobs and a fatality.  Since Somerville shared their freq. with Worchester, the Engines would start with a 40 (401=Engine one) the trucks would start with a 50 (Ladder 1 would be 501) and 404A would be the wagon .

Audio File from the Union Square Hotel fire CLICK HERE

 The fire on Richdale Ave. was #7-9 Richdale Ave. - a three decker.  Fire was in a second floor bedroom and extended to the third floor and roof.  The date was December 3, 1971.

Audio File from the Richdale Ave. fire CLICK HERE 



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