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November 30, 2022
2008 Fire Photos
Updated On: Jan 31, 2009


The following photos were taken at the 2nd Alarm fire at # 37 Lewis Street on November 14th. (Photos below by Ryan Epps - SFD)

Flames rip through the roof of # 37 Lewis Street during the early morning hours of November 14th.

Ladder 2 was able to get a great shot to the front of the triple-decker.

Ladder 2's stick to the roof.

Deputy Chief Dave Salvi checks on the fire on the bravo side of the building.

Captain Charlie Breen knocks down the exterior fire along the roof line.



The following photos were taken at the 2nd Alarm fire on October 7th, 2008 at # 23-25 Cross Street.  (Photos below by Senior Fire Alarm Operator Jimmy Swanton)

(Photos below courtesy of Rick Nohl


(Photos below courtesy of DFC Dan Turner - Cambridge FD)

Engine 2 and Ladder 2 were first due to the 2 alarm flick at the corner of Cross St. and Bonair St.

Firefighter Billy Costa of Ladder 2 checks for fire extension on the exterior of the house near the roof.

Firefighter Chris Howard climbs down the stick of Ladder 2.

Firefighter Melvin Dominique overhauls the interior of the 2nd floor looking for hot spots.



The following photos were taken at the 3rd Alarm fire at # 50 Flint Street on Sunday August 17th, 2008.  ( Photos below by Firefighter Ryan Epps - Somerville FD )


(Photos below by Senior Fire Alarm Operator Jimmy Swanton.  Additional photos from the fire by Jimmy Swanton are posted on Hot Shot Photo - Click Here )

Deputy Chief Steve Keenan receives medical attention after he collapsed at the fire scene.



Members of Group 4 advance hose lines into 224 Summer Street during a Working Fire on February 22, 2008. The fire originated in the basement of the vacant dwelling and extended into the 1st floor. Heavy smoke conditions were encountered throughout the building. A passing mailman heard smoke detectors sounding and noticed smoke coming from the eaves. Engine 4 was IN SERVICE for this fire due to extra manning for the snow storm.  (Photos below by Senior Fire Alarm Operator Jimmy Swanton)
Ff Dave Stiltner (E6) assists his crew in advancing a second line off Engine 4 which was operating with the spare pump at the time of the fire.
Firefighters advance into the basement to extinguish fire spreading across the ceiling and extending up into the first floor apartment.


The following photos were taken at the 3 Alarm fire at # 36 Lincoln Parkway on Saturday February 16th. (Photos courtesy of Doug Boudrow.  To view more photos by Doug Boudrow CLICK HERE)




Members of Group 1 going to work at a Working Fire at 492 Medford Street on the morning of February 4, 2008. The suspicious fire damaged a vacant dwelling. This was the second Working Fire of the night. Hours earlier a fire broke out in a first floor apartment at 138 Highland Avenue.  (Photos by Senior Fire Alarm Operator Jimmy Swanton)

Firefighters open up an exterior wall to extinguish fire burning in partitions during a Working Fire at #99 Prospect Street on January 25, 2008. The fire appears to have originated on the roof and dropped down into an exterior wall. Roofers were illegally using a propane fired torch on the roof prior to the fire's discovery.  (Photos below by Senior Fire Alarm Operator Jimmy Swanton)
(Photo below by Lieutenant Bob MacLaughlan - SFD)



Members of Group 4 going to work on the evening of January 5, 2008 during a Working Fire at 12 Williams Court. Fire in a second floor kitchen ceiling spread to the attic. (Photos by Senior Fire Alarm Operator Jim Swanton)

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